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Hard Floor Cleaning

Every business needs their hard floors cleaned properly to boost brand image and attract new customers and clients. Professional offices, warehouses, nursing homes, medical offices, schools, day cares, car showrooms, and other companies commonly request regular floor cleaning care to help control wear and tear, minimize damage and reduce costly floor repair or replacement.

Facilities with high traffic, Florida / New York / New Jersey area have an even greater need for regular, high quality hard flooring maintenance. The finish on hard floors can quickly wear down, removing the protective coat and dulling the look of your floors. Each day your hard floors get spilled on and scratched as items such as chairs and boxes are dragged across the surface, and objects are dropped causing small nicks and dents in the finish. Wheelchairs, walkers, dollies and mail carts are regularly rolled across floors.

Left unchecked, the finish will wear down so much that the base flooring becomes exposed and vulnerable to permanent damage. At that point businesses face the choice of living with dirty-looking floors or finding the budget to repair or replace them.

Not every janitor is trained and prepared to maintain your floors. Hard floor care such as scrub and recoat, burnishing, scrub and recover, or strip and refinish requires expertise. In fact, an improperly finished floor can result in even more damage. If the finish layers are added too quickly, or not correctly, then a gummy, tacky residue can be left behind to pick up more dirt and leave floors looking dingy, dirty and dull. A cheap finish, uneven finish, or too few layers of finish will wear down very quickly leaving floor surface exposed.

Major Cleaning Hard Floor Cleaning Program

My Major Cleaning is your one-stop shop for hard floor cleaning. Major Cleaning® offers professional hard floor care programs that can bring the luster back to your ceramic tile, vinyl composite tile (VCT), vinyl, limestone, terrazzo, wood, and other hard-surface flooring. Our cleaning representatives will look at your floors and discuss various floor care options. Two of the most common hard floor treatments are:

  • Scrub and Recoat – Quickly improves hard floors by removing the top layer or two of damaged floor finish along with stains, superficial scrapes and scratches leaving a clean surface. Then new finish is applied to restore the protective top coat.
  • Strip and Refinish – Similar to a Strip and Recoat except the finish is completely removed so that the bare tile or base flooring is exposed and cleaned. Then several coats of quality finish are applied.

The Major Cleaning® System partners with advanced equipment manufacturers that develop hard floor care machines focused on delivering consistently beautiful results. For example, Square Scrub Surface Preparation Machines can take on the challenges of any facility, getting into corners and along straight lines.

How often should hard floors be deep cleaned?

A lot of variables affect how often your hard floor should be treated. Depending on the part of country you live in, salt, sand or aggregates can get tracked into your facility and damage your hard floors. If your facility has high traffic from people or items such as carts, wheelchairs, and walkers, you’ll need more frequent treatment. A Major Cleaning hard floor care expert can assess your unique flooring requirements and customize a floor care program for you.

Ready to get your floor maintenance plan started? Major Cleaning professionals are ready to discuss hard floor care programs with you and present options that are right for your facility.