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Post Construction Cleaning

When the construction crew has left the site and all that remains is the debris, dirt, and dust of a job well done, you will want to hire a professional, commercial cleaning company for your post-construction clean up. You will want to hire Major Cleaning Services. We you with expert commercial cleaning services, providing optimum quality service while preventing damages that can result in loss or liability to your facility.

Why Do I need Post-Construction Clean Up Commercial Cleaning?

Even though the architectural specifications will indicate a cleanup of sorts, you want to make your new facility sparkle prior to using the building. With the use of Major Cleaning Service, you eliminate the pressure of you or your employees wiping down the insides of the cabinetry, baseboards, and doors. Major Cleaning Service prides itself on offering services that include excellent performance, expertise, and reliability. With 17 years of experience, they can eliminate the costly guesswork out of what they need to accomplish for successful completion of your project.

How does a Post-Construction Clean Up Commercial Cleaning Work?

My Major Cleaning Service begins each post-cleanup project with a walk through to understand your main concerns and special instructions, if any. When the post-cleanup is completed, a qualified employee checks a punch list to assure all tasks the crew has successfully completed all work contracted.

Post-Construction Cleaning and My Major Cleaning Service

My Major Cleaning Service has worked with a variety of industries over the years, handling all types of commercial projects. A green company, Major Cleaning Service can bring the sparkle to your newly, constructed building.